In 2010 MADSAR committee gave permission to acquire a purpose built trailer which is used primarily for our sausage sizzles at the Mandurah centre swap meets.


The trailer is fully equipped and provides a mobile unit to cater for all our needs at short notice including outdoor picnic functions, bike week and others as determined by the committee. Whilst it is not available for hire, we do welcome other organisations who may wish to entertain an appropriate combined activity. MADSAR welcomes any volunteers who may spare a few hours to contribute by assisting at the sausage sizzles which are our primary source of income for client activities.


The sausage sizzle is an activity that requires a minimum of 5 volunteers two of whom are restricted to cooking the onions and sausages. The rest sell the sausages and buns including cash collection for the rental of car bays.

It is an early start to the day for volunteers who arrive at 5.00 am and begin to set up the area. Out of the fully equipped trailer comes two bar-b-cues and 2 gas bottles; 2 trestle tables; one folding table; non-slip mats, a rubbish bin, 4 director’s chairs etc.  Once the bar-b-cues are lit, the cooking begins, usually around 6.30 am when people start to attend the swap meet. The smell of sausages and onions cooking is intoxicating and people often arrive early asking if they are ready.