Management Committee

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held on Thu, 31 Oct 2019

The Committee of Management of Madsar was elected on Tuesday 30 October 2018.  The committee will meet three times in 2019 during the months of February, May and September.

Minutes of 30 October 2018 meeting

Structure for each committee meeting

The chairperson or, in the chairperson’s absence, the deputy-chairperson must preside as chairperson of each committee meeting. Persons attending may be drawn from the following persons. It is expected that both the Treasurer and Secretary will also attend committee meetings.

Chairperson Belinda Hewitson
Deputy Chairperson Lyndsay Fisher
Treasurer Robert Anthony Wales
Secretary Kenneth Bird
Committee Member Janise Kent
Theo Van Aalst (Observer)
Jenny  Van Aalst
Michael Van Aalst (Obserever)
Jasmin Burgess
Teresa Sawika